Non-traditional Baby Registry at BabyList

Non-traditional Baby Registry

Here are some ideas for things that you can ONLY register for with BabyList.

What are your totally original, non-traditional baby registry ideas?? Email me at and let me know!

Other Baby Registries

After bringing home baby, let friends and family help by bringing you homemade meals! MealBaby lets you set up a calendar to easily coordinate meal gifts from others. Friends and family also have the option to purchase a gift card for a restaurant or a meal delivery service.

Baby Gear

Get an expert to make sure that your baby seat is installed correctly. Bay Area only - but there is probably a similar service in your area.

Clothes & Accessories

We love Rockin Green. Free of dyes, enzymes, fillers, phosphates and brighteners. Strong enough for cloth diapers and gentle enough for your newborn.

Eco-Diaper Service (Month)

Quantity: 12

Diapers are often the biggest first-year expense for newborns.

Cotton diapers delivered and picked up once a week to your door. We are collecting money for this purchase.

Nursery & Decor

Little Cord Art is a beautiful, unique way to preserve your baby’s umbilical cord. Each one-of-a-kind artwork is a photograph of the cord cells viewed through a microscope. This colorful wall art will be a conversation piece!

It Takes a Village (Help & Favors)

Find a mom on the other side of the globe with your same due date, and help fund her safe birth with your registry.

Gift Coupon - Babysitting

Quantity: 5

Ask for an hour or 2 of babysitting so Mom and Dad can spend some time alone and out of the house together.

Gift Coupon - Do a load of laundry

Quantity: 10

Ask for the gift of help cleaning the house, including the laundry. Other ideas: take out trash, rake leaves, vacuum, wash floors, go grocery shopping.

Gift Coupon - Bring over Dinner

Quantity: 10

Ask for the gift of a homemade meal.

Great for families with dogs. Send the dog to "summer camp" for 3 nights when Mom goes into labour. You can also ask for dog-walking on your registry.

Postpartum Doula (1 hour)

Quantity: 30

A postpartum doula comes to your home after the baby is born and does whatever is necessary to help mom needs to do to care for her new baby. A big part of this is education and some doulas specialize as lactation consultants to help with breast-feeding. You can find a doula at Doula Match.

Raising money for this kit could be a great theme for a baby shower.

1 Midwifery Kit contains basic drugs, renewable medical supplies, medical equipment and basic sterilization and resuscitation equipment for health facilities to perform an average of 50 normal deliveries.

Measles kills more than 600 children every day, yet these deaths can be so easily avoided. This gift provides vaccines for 80 children to protect them from this deadly disease.

For the Parent(s)

Get the juices flowing, with this organic drink made just for mamas-to-be.

Picplum sends you AND your relatives beautiful printed photos. And it integrates with your instagram feed.

The Push Pack is a pre-packaged hospital labor bag. One new mom said:

“I received the Push Pack as a gift & have since given it to two of my friends as a baby shower gift. It defiantly has the ‘WOW BEST GIFT EVER’ effect.”

A fitness class where Mom can bring baby, get into shape and meet other moms in our neighborhood. Priceless.


Bluum delivers 'expert curated cuteness' boxes monthly. Discover new products for yourself and baby - personalized for you!

A newborn photo shoot is generally done in the first week while baby is very sleepy. This is a priceless gift. It's good if it can be split between multiple friends.

A membership to the zoo or local aquarium can give mom and baby a fun place to visit.