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Pregnant Chicken's Kick Ass Registry

Everything in my registry (for my fake baby, Flick of course) assumes that I'm starting from scratch again but with the knowledge I have now.

I'm not suggesting you buy all of it (obviously) but I wanted to point out the products that I really love and how they are helpful.

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Baby Gear

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Okay, this is the one I had and it went off when my husband picked up my son and forgot to turn it off and I nearly busted through the wall like the fucking Kool Aid man. That said, it certainly works and if you're paranoid about SIDS like I was, it may give you a little peace of mind.

This one hooks up to your computer and has amazing resolution.

I like video monitors because you can see what's going on with the noise. Now this is the fanciest of the bunch and the ones with fewer bells and whistles are less expensive.

Don't let "travel" trip you up. You can use this as a portable play pen outside, in other parts of your home AND for travel. It only weighs 13lbs and is a snap to put up.

Any baby that needs to transition out of swaddling will love this little sleep suit because it's heavy enough to muffle their reflexive startles that tend to wake them up.

This sleeper/chair get up is like a portable second set of hands. It folds down flat so it's great for travel too.

Register for muslin swaddlers. They have a million uses and you can't have too many of them.

Heed my words when I say "get a damn sound machine" This one gets amazing ratings and is a nursery staple for a gabillion parents.

I can't tell you how lovely this sucker is.
It takes you from spit ups to toddler pees and it organic to boot.
A little pricey but when you factor in that you'll use it for years, it's worth every penny.
I expect to use this under my own ass when I'm in the old age home one day.

I am like an old Jewish Bubbie when it comes to humidity and I swear up and down that my kids don't get as sick when their rooms are like an Amazon rain forest.

This doesn't look like much (especially considering the price tag) but it is a FABULOUS bouncer. It bounces from the weight of your baby (not batteries) and your baby is quite upright to combat reflux, etc.

The bassinest is a great way to keep your baby close to you without having them right in the bed. It is sturdy as all hell (no tipping) and is great to have tucked right up to your bed.


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If you need a sunshade get a cling instead of the suction cup version. They tend to be safer in a crash.

Some people skip the mirrors but I really liked mine to see what my baby was doing.

I LOVE the click tight technology Britax came out with. No fiddling with anchors or sitting on it to secure, the seat lifts up and you secure it with the seat belt. AND it has the Quick-Adjust, No-Rethread Harness. As close as you're going to get to "idiot proof"

I loved this carrier because it was easy to get in and out of and was really comfortable -- especially for really small babies.

There are a billion choices when it comes to baby wearing but you can't go wrong with a Moby wrap.

I know you can get umbrella strollers for like 30 bucks but I really think you get what you pay for in this category and I used mine A LOT. Honestly, if you live somewhere warm you could totally get away with a carrier and a great umbrella stroller and skip the big stroller altogether.

Okay, I'm trying to narrow down my stroller choices and it's HARD to find a stroller to be all things to all people. This stroller system from Graco is another one that will suit many people's needs. Plus, for $220 you get a stroller AND an infant car seat.

The B-Agile would be my next choice as a good stroller system for most people. It's less expensive than the Vista but is still a damn good stroller.

If you can't stand the idea of stroller shopping and you're okay with investing in something, I would recommend the Vista. It's tried and true and can accommodate a second seat if you have more than one baby to tote around. It's a beautiful stroller that will be suitable to a wide variety of people.

This is an amazing car seat cover that keeps your baby toasty and warm but is also safe to use (it goes over the baby, not behind)

I carried my two-and-a-half-year old son around on my back in one of these when I was 8 months pregnant with my second son. Pretty? Probably not, but it was surprisingly comfortable.

Clothes & Accessories

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These are the best damn baby boots. They are warm. They never come off and they cover up the bare spot between the top of your socks and the bottom of your pants. They are also great for indoor slippers.

This is a teether that's attached to a rockin' neckerchief so it doesn't get dropped or lost. Plus, the bib portion soaks up all that teething drool.

Not only are these sock adorable, they stay on teeny feet.

This swaddle is crazy cool - it mimics how you hold baby. There are lightly weighted areas (beans) on both sides and at the center. Just like they're in your arms.

I used to think scratch mittens were stupid until I saw the damage newborn talons can do to their perfect, little faces. I love these ones because they don't come off like those stupid mini bags that they typically sell. You only really need one pair.

These are great for covering up that gap between boots and pants in cold weather, crawling and potty training.

Get a billion of these. They work for wrapping them up, burp clothes, change pads, barf wipers, nursing tarps and sun shields.

Sleep sacks are a safe, cozy way to sleep and Halo is the grand daddy of them.


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These look like regular old scissors but these are certified food-safe and are free of BPA, Lead, PVC, Phthalates, and Formaldehyde. They even have a handy cap to toss in your diaper bag. Great idea if you plan on going the baby-led weaning route.

Is it weird to register for a breast pump? Nah, fuck it. They are expensive and when you need a good one, you need a good one.

If you're breastfeeding this system is brilliant. It attached to almost all pumps so there's no transfer from pump to bag to bottle (aka no accidental spills). It gets amazing reviews too.

Dr. Brown's makes awesome bottles. I love these glass ones – old school, easy to clean style.

I love these bottles. They are soft and boob-like.

If you know that you're going to bottle feed, try to get one of these. It's like a Keurig for formula and you will love it at 3am

This is another bib that gets really good reviews. Frankly, it's like a neck tray that catches the 80% of food that misses a kid's mouth.

Bibs are surprisingly personal so I would try to grab a few kinds to see what works for you. I liked these cheap and cheerful ones.

Even if you aren't using bottles, this drying rack is fantastic for all the bits and bobs that come with a baby.

There's no wrong way to hold these little spoons. The baby just dips the spoon and fires it in their mouth. They get the hang of eating and you clean up less mess.

Awesome for teething (frozen ice cubes) and new foods. Easier to clean than the mesh bags too.

If you are formula feeding I cannot stress how amazing these are. Keep the dry formula in one part and the water in the other, then pop the bottom to mix it all together. They are truly amazing.

Finally, a bib that covers your kid so you don't have to hose them down after every feeding. Brilliant.

If you don't think you're going to need to do some serious pumping for work, this is a nice, inexpensive pump to have on hand. I had a similar one and it worked like a charm.

I mean, c'mon. How brilliant is this? My friend has one and it works like a charm.

I got a baby food book as a shower gift and I loved it. This one takes it a few steps further and talks about nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding, choosing a formula, etc. I love it.

Bath Time

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A friend bought me one of these and it was fantastic. It totally holds your little, wet ham in place while you wash them but they are free to splash around.


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This is the other diaper pail I really like. It takes up a little less room and can hold up to 60 stinky diapers.

If you plan on cloth diapering be sure to register for some. Not only is it a great way to score some pricey diapers, it's a nice way to let everyone know that they can skip the Pampers.

When you first see the price tag on this you are blown away with how expensive a diaper pail can be, but this is before you realize how blown away you can be by the smell of baby shit. It doesn't look like much but it works and it's worth it.

When you consider how much wipes are over the long run, these are probably a steal.

Honestly, this stuff is incredible. It must be made from fucking unicorn tears. I don't know what else to say.

Nursery & Decor

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If you decide to step it up on the crib, I highly recommend a convertible crib that coverts to a full size bed down the road.

If you go for a crib, I would skip the fancy shit and just get a nice clean, simple one. They aren't in it for that long.

Health & Safety

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This seems completely gross until you have a baby that can't breathe and then this is the best idea on the planet. Plus, it's made in Sweden and everybody knows that only good stuff comes from Sweden.

Toys & Books

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If you still love a good CD (like I do because I still have a CD player in the car) nothing beats a good beat for the kids. This CD from the Barenaked Ladies was one of my faves.

Freddie crinkles, has little pockets, crap to chew on. Freddie rocks.

These are inexpensive and tons of fun. Babies love the feel of them, plus, they are safe to chew on.

Babies love these simple toys. It's easy to grab and it rattles. But what else does it do?! That's it and it's awesome.

This stacker is great because it's very forgiving to build (no center post) which cuts down on "kid frustration." Green Toys make wonderful products that are free of crap and corruption too.

These are great for home, the bath, the beach, you name it. The stack and nest and one even strains water.

Kids love this psycho looking toy. It has a ton of developmental benefits and has become a staple of baby toys.

Nothing beats hours (okay minutes) of fun like a cause and effect toy. This one is sturdy and the doors are less likely to fail causing a kid meltdown.

Guess who else likes to look at the cutest baby in the world?

Haba makes some of the most beautiful toys so keep an eye out for them. They have incredible play value and are all made with non-toxic materials.

I like this one because it takes you from tummy time to sitting up. You'll be tired of the tunes LONG before your baby is ; )

At first glance this looks kind of, well stupid, but if you've ever had a toddler lose their soother in the middle of the night, then you can recognize how brilliant it is to have it attached to this easy to grab monkey.

I would stuff this book up my nose if it would fit. It is lovely, yummy and sweet.

These are great once your baby gets a little older. They float, stick to the bathtub wall and they aren't full of crap.

I love the idea of adopting a bear as a baby gift.

It's the jaunty cap that kills me.
(There are all handmade in Peru.)

It Takes a Village (Help & Favors)

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Fund a safe birth of a woman in a developing country.

Are your friends and family far away? Have them send you a Lasagna, and pecan PIE!!

Smart way to get yourself fed real nice like.

For the Parent(s)

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When I asked readers what was the #1 best baby gift you got, they said, "house cleaning". These guys are like house cleaning pimps and will make sure a certified house cleaner comes to your house instead of an axe murderer. You can even book them online. They are awesome.

Really great idea for measuring a baby's foot seeing as their feet grow like sea monkeys.

Okay, maybe it's weird to have a bra on your registry but these guys carry the BEST nursing bras ever. I actually called the lady that owns this store in a hysterical froth because I needed a nursing bra after I had my son and she sent my husband home with this. (God bless him for picking it up). It is the most comfortable thing ever.

Cash & Gift Certificates

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Smart idea for a non-intrusive way for family and friends to save for your child's education.

Tiny Talkers Sign Language course - watch this fantastic webinar course from anywhere in the world!

Take an online course to teach your baby sign language.