Pregnant Chicken's Kick Ass Registry

Everything in my registry (for my fake baby, Flick of course) are things I thought I would need if I was starting from scratch again but with the knowledge I have now. Clearly the knowledge I have now dictates buying monkey hats and screwing the change table... priorities, people.

I didn't register for a stroller because depending on where you live and how you want to use it really changes the kind you buy (if you even need one at all) so I left it off.

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I love these soft, beautiful animal blankets, plus, you can have them personalized for free!

Baby Gear

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I can't tell you how lovely this sucker is.
It takes you from spit ups to toddler pees and it organic to boot.
A little pricey but when you factor in that you'll use it for years, it's worth every penny.
I expect to use this under my own ass when I'm in the old age home one day.

This is similar to the one I had and I LOVED it. I liked that it rocked instead of bouncing AND it had a little vibration mode. Every person, young and old, should be issued one of these.

I think sound machines should be handed out with every baby. I like that this one hooks up to an iPod and doubles as a night light.

Okay, this is the one I had and it went off when my husband picked up my son and forgot to turn it off and I nearly busted through the wall like the fucking Kool Aid man. That said, it certainly works and if you're paranoid about SIDS like I was, it may give you a little peace of mind.

Summer Infant got a lot of thumbs up when I asked what monitors everyone liked on Facebook. I wish I had a monitor for all those "what was that" moments.

I am like an old Jewish Bubbie when it comes to humidity and I swear up and down that my kids don't get as sick when their rooms are like an Amazon rain forest.


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I carried my two-and-a-half-year old son around on my back in one of these when I was 8 months pregnant with my second son. Pretty? Probably not, but it was surprisingly comfortable.

This seems to be a winner across the board when you look up car seats. I had this one and you'll get no complaints from me -- I thought it was great.

Clothes & Accessories

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I used to think scratch mittens were stupid until I saw the damage newborn talons can do to their perfect, little faces. I love these ones because they don't come off like those stupid mini bags that they typically sell. You only really need one pair.

Okay, so I suppose you could make this yourself but why bother when you can purchase this kind of awesome.

Oh, because these aren't frickin' cute or anything.

I love the look of these and I like an adult version, please.

Get a couple of really pretty blankets for when you don't want them in something ratty -- you know when grandma comes over.

If I did it again, I wouldn't buy shoes for an infant -- you know, real shoes -- because they fall off and they are a pain in the ass to get on.

These are great for covering up that gap between boots and pants in cold weather, crawling and potty training.

Get a billion of these. They work for wrapping them up, burp clothes, change pads, barf wipers, nursing tarps and sun shields.


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Brilliant easy to squeeze food pouches that you can reuse again and again.

If you don't think you're going to need to do some serious pumping for work, this is a nice, inexpensive pump to have on hand. I had a similar one and it worked like a charm.

I mean, c'mon. How brilliant is this? My friend has one and it works like a charm.

I got a baby food book as a shower gift and I loved it. This one takes it a few steps further and talks about nutrition during pregnancy, breastfeeding, choosing a formula, etc. I love it.

These things are fantastic. I even put ice cubes in it when my guys were teething. Just don't put banana in it (very gross).

I had this high chair and I loved it. Wipes up, folds up and the cover comes off and can go in the wash. Most importantly, it's cheap.

Bath Time

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I really liked my daphne bath chair but I had one of these and it worked pretty darn well at a fraction of the cost.

A friend bought me one of these and it was fantastic. It totally holds your little, wet ham in place while you wash them but they are free to splash around.


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Great idea on these wipes. Love 'em.

I love these organic bamboo diapers from lilhelper. Diapers aside, you have to check out this site for the entertainment factor -- it's awesome.

You can never have enough small little wipe thingies when it comes to babies. These look pretty too.

If I had to do it again, I would just get one of these instead of a change table and clean dirty bums on the bed or on the floor. It's hard to roll off the floor.

When you consider how much wipes are over the long run, these are probably a steal.

Honestly, this stuff is incredible. It must be made from fucking unicorn tears. I don't know what else to say.

Nursery & Decor

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If you go for a crib, I would skip the fancy shit and just get a nice clean, simple one. They aren't in it for that long.

Health & Safety

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This seems completely gross until you have a baby that can't breathe and then this is the best idea on the planet. Plus, it's made in Sweden and everybody knows that only good stuff comes from Sweden.

Some people think these are dumb. I think those people should stick one of these in their mouth and shut the hell up. They are brilliant.

Toys & Books

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At first glance this looks kind of, well stupid, but if you've ever had a toddler lose their soother in the middle of the night, then you can recognize how brilliant it is to have it attached to this easy to grab monkey.

This is becoming a baby staple fast. You better have one.

I would stuff this book up my nose if it would fit. It is lovely, yummy and sweet.

These are great once your baby gets a little older. They float, stick to the bathtub wall and they aren't full of crap.

I don't know if a baby would like this but I'd like to carry it around in my pocket for calming caresses, impromptu street performances and as a self-defense projectile.

This is so smart that I'd like to attach one to my belt loop and my car keys. Sexy janitor style!

I love the idea of adopting a bear as a baby gift.

Would my baby need this? No. Do you want it? Oh, yes.

It's the jaunty cap that kills me.
(There are all handmade in Peru.)

It Takes a Village (Help & Favors)

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Fund a safe birth of a woman in a developing country.

Help moms in the developing world by supplying a birthing kit that can help safely deliver 50 babies. 50 babies!

Are your friends and family far away? Have them send you a Lasagna, and pecan PIE!!

Smart way to get yourself fed real nice like.

For the Parent(s)

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Really great idea for measuring a baby's foot seeing as their feet grow like sea monkeys.

Okay, maybe it's weird to have a bra on your registry but these guys carry the BEST nursing bras ever. I actually called the lady that owns this store in a hysterical froth because I needed a nursing bra after I had my son and she sent my husband home with this. (God bless him for picking it up). It is the most comfortable thing ever.

Cash & Gift Certificates

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Webcast for baby sign language WITH free online support.

Smart idea for a non-intrusive way for family and friends to save for your child's education.