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Pregnant Chicken's Gift List for Babies

Babies don't need much of anything but you try telling that to a bunch of grandparents that are itching to go nuts.

Because of that, I tried to pick gifts that had lasting appeal and could be enjoyed by your baby now and down the road. I've got a pretty good span going because your baby could be brand new or almost a year old this holiday so keep that in mind.

If you'd like to suggest something, leave a comment on my post here:


This company makes the coolest rattles, music boxes and stuffed toys. They are incredibly unique and chalked full of awesome.

So pretty

These blankets are so incredibly versatile -- arm pockets for swaddling, nursing, strolling, etc. Plus, it looks like a heart when you lay it down. Sweet.

These highly rated booties are the shit! Bootie. Fleece. Cozy. C'mon!

While this isn't a "baby" gift per se, if you're looking to get some really useful stuff while the weeble doesn't have a clue about the holidays, I say go for it. This is an amazing change pad and it's under $20

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things. These smooth, little blocks are non-toxic with a water-based lacquer finish so your baby can go nuts with them.

I think Hanna Anderson pajamas are just so beautiful. They had me at "snuggle suit"

These personalized jigsaw puzzles may be a little on the older side for your baby but they are gorgeous to look at while you wait for them to grow into puzzles.

Cool handmade teether. It's like a little baby weapon!

These handmade playmats are just too gorgeous. They are lined with minky. I swear the world would be a better place if we all just had more minky in our lives!

This book has thick lettercut pages that are cut to the shaper of each letter. It is so cool and has amazing illustrations.

These are the best damn labels. They never fall off or get grubby and they are perfect for keeping track of sippy cups, little jackets, etc.

"If you can read this you're close enough to change my diaper" onesie.

Personalized mini book of names and faces. Love.

I don't know. I just think we all need a personalized crown.

These are just so lovely.

This simple little worm is surprisingly popular with babies. Plus, it's almost impossible to break while twisting and forming it into new shapes.

You can never have too many barfs and bibs.

C'mon. Inchworm. Rattle. Teether. So perfect.

Sure, this isn't so much for baby but it will save mom a ton of time in with clothes sorting and a sane mom is a pretty good gift.

Any baby that needs to transition out of swaddling will love this little sleep suit because it's heavy enough to muffle their reflexive startles that tend to wake them up.

Earth Mama Angel Baby has some of the best stuff out there and this little gift pack contains shampoo, body wash, bottom balm, lotion and baby oil.

You can never, ever go wrong with aden+anais and they just came out with this newborn gift set. It contains two swaddles, a burpy bib, a mate lovey, and a swaddling book.

High contrast art cards not only appeal to babies, but would also make really cool nursery decor.

These are a great little gift for babies. They are made of medical grade silicone, are easy to garb and are great to gnaw on.

I could just envision a product developer watching a baby go to town on a kleenex box with this brilliance hit. Pull the hankies out, put 'em back in. All while developing motor skills and colors all...without using all the kleenex.

Babies hit a stage where they love to put things in and take things out (this often involves your toilet) so toys like this have a long shelf life. Squishy and fun when they are wee, and in and out good times when they are older.

This has all the features of the original Twilight Turtle (projects actual star constellations) plus, it has bluetooth capabilities so you can link into a pre-set play list of your baby's faves.

Babies love little flip books and these cloth versions allow for some serious mangling ; )

This is a sweet little baby friendly photo album that holds 8 photos and allows you to record 8 second messages.

There's no reason why baby can't have something that makes mamma look good too.

My kids each got a personalized like this and I use it all the time. I've used it to for toys, extra clothes for preschool, and overnighters. Be sure to get the zip top so it doesn't tip over and you have little socks everywhere. LL Bean also makes one so be sure to check them out to compare styles.

They things are indestructible and won't hurt if your baby clocks you (or herself) in the head with it. Babies love these things and they aren't crazy expensive.

This is such a pretty book and babies just love this touch and feel stuff. They have quite a few versions and they are all beautiful.

Nothing says that an ABC book can't be tasteful and lovely, dammit.

Handmade cuteness that I can barely handle.
Yes, this is the equivalence of a hippy-whittled-Parisian-giraffe teether, but they are handmade and one of those keepsake things that they'll hold onto. (Throw me a bone, man : )

Touch and feel board book that rocks the veggies.

Okay, so these are a little fancier than your usual run-of-the-mill sorter, but how lovely is this? They sell cheaper ones but I thought I would mix it up a bit. Shape sorter regardless of price is a good baby gift -- they go through a put-things-in-things-face to say the least (it usually includes an air vent or a toilet too).

I am a big fan of books. You can never go wrong with them. I also love board books because they are durable, wipeable and typically pretty short to match everyone's attention span at bedtime (including mine). I'm going to put a whole list together of books I recommend but I Am a Bunny is my hands down favourite for babies.

Babies love stacking stuff and putting things *in* things. These are also pretty and gender neutral.

It covers the bath spout so they don't knock their little noggins on the faucet. I had one. It rocked.

Ceramic piggy banks are gorgeous, but your kid really can't touch them until they are much older. These ones are pretty but less breakable.

Okay, so I don't know where the pound sign is on the keyboard.
Oh, yes and isn't this Christmas sack amazing?!

Prepare for RATTLE CAT, Hookers!!!

Super cute personalized melamine bowl. Simply pick a color and then create a design that looks like your child.

These are the best damn dolls. Despite being all fancy and french, they are the perfect size and, because the body is soft, the are extremely loveable. I bought one of these for my friend's daughter and she hauls it everywhere.

Nothing beats hours (okay minutes) of fun like a cause and effect toy. This one is sturdy and the doors are less likely to fail causing a kid meltdown.

Somebody bought my son these as a gift and both the boys still play with them. They are nice and soft so they are good to just roll around until you can stack. They can just be put back in the bucket (the all go through that crazy put-it-in-something stage. Best of all they don't hurt if you step on the (I'm looking at you Lego) or fall on them.

I like that they can play with the animals before the have mastered the puzzle part.

These will drive you crazy but kids love these.

Nesting bowls. Stacking toy. Bath toy. Build it and knock over toy. Put crap in it toy. Sand toy. Pails are good.

These are fantastic. I got one for both of my sons and it really is something how they actually record your kid's name into the song and it's not all shit like with "If you're 'insert robotic name here' and you know it". It really does sound seamless. I think it's especially great for kids that have unique names and aren't going to find the preprinted mugs with their names on it anytime soon.

These seem so simple yet you just know they will have lasting power. Who doesn't love the feel of a bean bag?! First it's all about picking them up, then it will be all about hiding them and feeding them to your bear, then it will be about whipping them at your sibling. $15 damn dollars of fun, that's what that is right there!

Kids love bath toys and these are great for playing with and washing hair. These also don't have those little holes that you just happen to squeeze after a bath to have some kind of black gunk come out of it *after* your baby has been sucking on it for the past week of baths. Good times.

These are the best damn baby boots. They are warm. They never come off and they cover up the bare spot between the top of your socks and the bottom of your pants. They are also great for indoor slippers.

Holy shit this is nice. Again, if you have a sewer in the family, get them to make one of these (after they are done making the quilt).

Holy shit, is there anything Walmart can't find and sell it for 25¢? You can never go wrong with basic down the road clothes and you just can't beat 9 pieces and organic for 20 bucks.

Gifts don't have to be bought and if you have someone who is really handy that is itchy to do something for your baby, I can't tell you how well this think would go over.

Growth chart that can stay up after they have outgrown fairies but haven't outgrown *growing*.

Next year's snowsuit might be a good ask as well. I was lucky enough to have hand-me-downs so I never had to fork over the big bucks that snowsuits are. Get a gender neutral colour like red, green or black in case you're going to have more kids.

You know how I love the idea of this kind of gift. Instead of getting a gift for your newborn who is happy to stare at jingling keys, why not get them something that will save kids in other countries? Some people may not like the "no gift to open" factor on this one, but some may love the gesture this brings.