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Lay Baby Lay - Lovely Registry

A lovely list of baby items curated by Joni from the always delightful Lay Baby Lay nursery-inspiration blog.
Lay Baby Lay

Baby Gear

I bought a bouncy seat when Vivi was about five weeks old, and realized how awesome they are. It made it so much easier for me to shower and get things done, and she loved sitting in her cozy little seat.

Clothes & Accessories

This coziest baby hat has ears.

This elf romper is perfect for all of those snow-babies.

These are so cute. Can't enough of the details.

These booties are so cute and cozy!

I love love love Sweet Peanut baby clothes!

I used these all the time as burp cloths and spit up cloths. I had a drawer full and didn't stress over them getting too dirty, because they are so basic - just very absorbent and easy to use.

Vivi also loves this bunny. She still naps with it, and it helped her sleep in the car and in the stroller when she was tiny.

I used these for naps & nighttime while Vivi was little. They made her sleep like a champ, and were easy to swaddle in a middle of the night stupor.

These are absolutely PRECIOUS in baby hair!!

I bought one of these for Vivi and she wore it at the hospital. It was awesome.

I love bows! The bigger, the better. Alligator clips work great on baby hair.


These are the best bibs! They are super durable, easy to wash, and the snap ensures that baby can't pull them off. The velcro closure bibs never worked well for us.

This is the high chair we have, and I love it. It attaches to a regular dining chair, so it doesn't take up too much space, and it actually looks even better when you take the cover off. Makes it looks more modern - without a super high price tag.

Such a cute sippy cup!

This thing is awesome! It not only sterilizes bottles, but also breast pump parts, sippee cups, pacifiers, and other items. It makes it so easy to keep everything clean and sanitized, and does so very quickly!!

We used tommee tippee bottles, and I love them. They are so cute and chubby, and worked well for us.

These are awesome! I just used them for crushed ice, and they worked as great baby soothers while Vivi was teething or just a little cranky.

These come in super handy when baby is old enough (it will happen before you know it!) and are great for backyard picnics or park outings. I feel like I'm packing lunches every other day!

Bath Time

We have one of these, and I love it! Works perfectly, and it's modern shape fits in well with our house.

This is so helpful for bath time!

I love Method baby wash!! The rice milk + mallow smells so sweet, and I love the little rinse cup on the top!


You can never have enough cute bags, and I love the bold stripe and blue on this one.

Love these colors, and this bag!

Nursery & Decor

Because raising a family is the best adventure. 8 x 10 matte print by Zoom and Boone Creations on Boom Boom Prints

Love... It's the universal language for the ages. This 8 x 10 matte print features a mommy and baby giraffe by Emma Kaufmann on Boom Boom Prints.

Love these curtain panels! I got the green XO version.

A Swedish brand, Stokke is know for their high quality and design. The Sleepi crib looks amazing in all nurseries. For the price it's an investment, but it converts to toddler bed and can last till your babe is 7 years old.

There is no one alive who is youer than you. - Dr. Suess

This pink is sweet, but not sugary.

Quirky brass bookends - love!

Love this rocker.

This hook is both adorable and functional, and adds a pop of color to the wall.

Adore this print for the nursery.

Graphic crib sheets

Love these animal bookends.

Love this so much. I don't have it, but wish I did!

I adore this nightlight!

Health & Safety

I think these are adorable!

This stuff is great - and it smells good, too.

Toys & Books

I die over the adorableness of these animals. Vivi has a bear and it is so cute! Very well made and seems to be baby/toddler proof so far!

Vivi loves the animals in this puzzle! It seems to grow well with her, too. Plus, it's beautiful.

Vivi loves her Sophie!

Vivi loves this book - we talk a lot about the animals in it.

One of my favorite books - I had this one as a child, and now Vivi loves it, too.

They no longer make the little bear Vivi loves so much, but this is similar. These little animals are so tiny, I didn't worry too much about giving one for her to sleep with early on.

These are really cute little guys that are great to chew on and play with. Vivi thinks they are funny, and they keep her pretty entertained.

For the Parent(s)

My favorite yoga pants - great for post-delivery!

Really great & really cute undies . . .

Cozy & cute robe for the hospital and late night baby snuggles.

Love this nightshirt for nighttime feedings.

Comfy pants that are still cute for post-delivery.


For guests at the hospital & at home with name tags attached. Going with bubblegum this time, since I don't have too many friends who smoke cigars . . .