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Like the popular "Go the F**k to Sleep", this is a children's style book that is not for children! Fun gift from parent to parent.

Will swaddling them with angry birds make them better in physics?

Projects, stories, and inspiration for geek parents.

GeekMom Cindy gives this swing a big fat A+.

The Itzbeen Baby Care Timer is a multi-use geeky tool for parents who have had their first child or their third. While being sleep deprived and trying to maintain a routine with a new baby, it’s nice to know for sure how long it has been since the diaper was changed. There is no second guessing if you really got 6 straight hours of sleep, and if the mom brain has kicked in it’s nice to have a reminder of which boob gets fed on next. The timer includes programmable alarms for diaper changes, medicine, feeding, and miscellaneous.

Geekmom Natania says: "[This camera] features the things I love about DSLR cameras (a fantastic display, excellent zoom, responsive buttons, presets) and makes it even easier to use. Extra bonus? Built in filters."

The real question is, can you choose only one?

You'd think this book is supposed to be a gag gift, but it's actually both humorous and extremely useful!

Comes in pink or blue, but I'm willing to bet this companion cube won't be as quiet as a real one.

Frame these flashcards for instant geeky nursery decor!

Much like a baby, R2D2 only speak in incomprehensible code.

This wall decal adorns Ariane's daughter's bathroom. Gorgeous!