Maternity Wardrobe Summer Clothing Staples

maternity clothing for summer

As a pregnant lady myself, I know what a challenge the summer months can be. It’s already getting really hot in Los Angeles, so wardrobe choices have been tricky. So I thought I would share some summer wardrobe staples to get you through the hotter months in style and comfort.

Dress Options:

  1. I’m most coveting this Errands dress from HATCH – it is breezy, cool, comfortable, and not too short (which is so key for me during pregnancy).
  2. I have and have already been wearing this tank maxi dress from Old Navy. It is flattering, comfortable, and surprisingly cool. And my bump looks cute in it! Plus, it’s way affordable.
  3. I love the simple style and vibrant color of this dress from Fourth Love. It would be great dressed up or down.

Non-Maternity Options That Fit Your Bump:

  1. My new favorite discovery during my pregnancy has been Saint Grace Apparel. The foldover pants and maxi skirts are so comfortable on a growing bump (even a big one) and you can keep wearing your favorites long after your pregnancy is done.
  2. An old favorite that has worked great during my pregnancy is this pleated maxi dress. I had it in a couple of colors already and wore it belted before my pregnancy. I’ve since bought in a couple more and wear it unbelted now. It was a running joke on a recent trip that every night I wore the same dress in a different color, because I did! But I have gotten so many compliments every time I wear this dress. And it’s another item that you can keep wearing after baby because it isn’t actually maternity.

The Basics:

  1. I like this cute chambray skirt because it isn’t too tight or too short, and goes with everything. It’s a great alternative to shorts, which I find uncomfortable during pregnancy.
  2. The exception to my own ban on shorts during pregnancy (for me personally) are longer rolled denim ones. They are loose, casual, and super cute. These from J.Crew are my favorites.
  3. A major staple to any summer maternity wardrobe is a good tank. These from H&M are cute, comfy, fit well, and hold up to repeated wears. And they are affordable enough to buy in several colors.

Pool & Beach Pieces:

  1. Cute maternity swim suits can be hard to find. If you’re comfortable letting your bump show, I like buying a non-maternity bikini top in a larger size and pair it with a pair of matching solid color maternity bottoms. I’m also really loving this maternity one piece swimsuit, which comes in a couple of patterns like the bandana blue or black and white chevron.
  2. A pair of lightweight shorts are a must (for better or worse) when you’re pregnant in the summer. These black maternity dolphin shorts are cute over a swimsuit or paired with a tank or tunic.

The Accessories:

  1. A cute pair of summer sandals or two (or five!) always make a pregnant lady’s outfit better. And this is one area of your body that probably hasn’t changed much in size, so the shopping is more fun! I really love these cute patterned sandals from Anthropologie (and own the pink pair).
  2. A cute summer hat is an absolute must to protect your skin from the sun and pregnancy melasma. I love this cute casual straw fedora from Gap.

What are your favorite summer maternity wardrobe staples?