Baby Products Invented by Mom

Moms are, by necessity, inventors. We invent games to keep our children happy. We invent stories to help our children fall asleep. We even invent recipes so our children will eat what they’re supposed to eat.

And, when the need arises, we even invent products to make our lives easier.

That’s what I, and so many other moms, have done. During a diaper changing balancing act, soothing our little one while teething, or finding a better way to help protect our babies from the cold, there are so many wonderful, mom-invented products to help make our lives easier.

Below are the products you’ll want to include on your baby registry. Tested on our own children, these products are made by moms!

Mom Invented Baby Products

Keeping up with the Feedings

Le Bibble baby bottle bib

Dribble, meet Le Bibble. Imagine NEVER having to put down the baby bottle during feeding. Designed by a mom fed up with messy feedings, this multifunctional organic and designer baby bottle bib takes feeding to a new level – making being neat chic. Le Bibble is a baby bottle bib that soaks up the leaks and chin dribbles, keeping baby dry during bottle-feeding. Available in a variety of styles and colors, this cute baby bottle bib is made in the USA.

Mom invented product le bibble

Designed by a mom fed up with messy feddings, Le Bibble is a baby bottle bib that soaks up the leaks and chin dribble.

Bare air-free baby bottle

After deciding to be a breastfeeding mama, Priska was forced to turn to bottles when her son wasn’t getting enough nutrition. She tried all the leading baby bottles on the market then had a realization; “my breasts don’t have air-vents, why should baby bottles?” That’s when the creativity took over and she invented the Bare air-free baby bottle. Similar to a syringe’s plunger, BARE’s patent-pending Air-plug is the science behind this bottle. Breastfeed your baby for as long as you can, Bare is here to help.

Mom invented bottle

“My breasts don’t have air-vents, why should baby bottles” – That’s when a mom realized she needed to create BARE, an air-free baby bottle.

Mommapia Bib n Burp

Bianca and Suzanne are the heart and soul behind mommapia. After each gave birth to their third child within a day of each other, both momma’s soon realized they were juggling more than just life with three children each! Feeding time became a struggle to clean up and they used whatever was in reach. Bibs, burp cloths, nursing covers, nursing pads, paper towels, tissue, there had to be an easier way! The Bib n Burp became their solution.  Ideal for bottle and breastfeeding mommas, the Bib n Burp, an all-in-one bib and burp cloth, allows you to have everything you need at your fingertips.

Bib n burp mom invented product

The Mommapia Bib n Burp, designed by two moms with six children between them, is an all-in-one bib and burp cloth, allowing you to have everything at your fingertips.


Tackling the Art of Diapering

Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser

Did you know you’ll change over 2,000 diapers in the first year? Stacy invented a diaper & wipe dispenser to keep those diapers and wipes handy and organized at the changing station. No more struggling to get a diaper out of the bag or hunting for wipes. Bobee allows for one-hand access to a diaper or wipe so you can keep one hand safely with your baby. Perfect for those small spaces, it clears up the changing table surface for other important baby items.

mom invented diaper wipe

Designed by a mom, the Bobee diaper and wipe dispenser allows for one-hand access to a diaper or wipe so you can keep one hand safely on your baby.

PooPoose changing pad

As her daughter got older it was increasing harder to change her diaper. That little wiggle worm rolled over, mid-diaper change covering this mama in poo and almost fell off the changing table. Inspired by a papoose board used in dentistry, Dana, a dentist, found a solution by gently preventing baby from rolling over. The result, a swaddle-like strap that is safe and calming to the baby making diaper changes easier, faster, cleaner and, most importantly, safe.

wiggle free diaper changing

Inspired by a papoose board used in dentistry, the PooPoose changing pad is mom-invented to make your diaper changes easier, faster, cleaner and safe.

Lovey’s Tushi Stick diaper ointment

Tushi Stick ointment does more than solve the problem of diaper rash. Its unique stick applicator also keeps fingers clean and prevents the spreading of bacteria. It can be used on the go or at home, and has a pleasant (not medicated) smell. Marci invented the Tushi Stick after her son had gotten rashes from every diaper ointment on the market! Its natural ingredients are strong and fight off the nastiest bacteria yet smooth enough for baby’s skin.

mom invented product loveys stick

After her son had a rash from every diaper ointment on the market, mom invented Lovey’s Tushi Stick.


Functional Dressing up for Cuteness

Magnificent Baby infant wear

The days of matching snaps on a wiggling, crying baby are over!  Easy to close magnetic fasteners make dressing your infant a snap. Magnificent Baby’s super cute baby clothes not only save time and make dressing your baby hassle-free, they are super soft, washer and dryer safe, and safe for your baby. Don’t worry, these clothing pieces are not made with lead and with the magnetic fasteners are safely sewn into the garments. This New York mom got it right with a super easy and cute way to dress your baby.

mom invented product easy to close clothes

This item just featured in New York Magazine! Easy to close magnetic fasteners make dressing your infant a snap with this mom-invented Magnificent Baby infant wear.

Guavamitts newborn mitts

Guavamitts started with a simple need to protect babies from scratching themselves. It’s not an easy task to clip a newborns nails…enter Guavamitts! Best friends Lilly and Linsey were discontent with picking mitts up off the floor and equally dissatisfied with the socks-on-hands option to protect their babies from scratching themselves.  They began a quest to provide beautiful baby essentials that work.

mom invented mitts

GuavaMitts started with a mom’s simple need to protect babies from scratching themselves. Now these two moms are on a quest to provide beautiful baby essentials that work.

Rock-a-Thigh Baby thigh-high socks

While walking her baby in the baby carrier on a chilly Wisconsin evening, Jen’s was inspired to create baby thigh-high socks.  Her daughter’s pant legs were hiked up in the carrier so she snipped of a pair of leggings to cover her cold legs. Made in the USA, Rock-a-Thigh socks (like legwarmers with feet) are designed to stay up and on.

mom invented high socks

Inspired by chilly Wisconsin evening walks, this mom invented Rock-a-Thigh Baby thigh-high socks. Adorable.


On the Go

SnoozeShade stroller sun and sleep shade

The SnoozeShade range of sun and sleep shades was invented by a British mom when she became frustrated with using blankets over the stroller to help her daughter take a nap on-the-go. Blankets fell off, became a distraction or weren’t breathable so Cara designed a special breathable fabric that gives high level sun protection as well as shields baby from wind, chill and well-meaning people who just want to check on that cute baby.  SnoozeShade is designed to fit all strollers and has a unique sneak-a-peek zip allowing you to quietly check on your sleeping baby.

mom invented product snooze shade

Tired of the blanket that kept falling off the stroller while her daughter was napping, this mom invented the SnoozeShade. A stroller sun and sleep shade designed to fit all strollers.

The Bulti-Bag Co Pods 

Sick of baby wipes drying out, Nicole would carry an extra stash of wipes in a Ziploc in her diaper bag. The problem was they were hard to get to with one hand on baby and the other digging around. She love the hard travel cases, but they won’t keep the moisture in and were just too large in the diaper bag. So, what is a mom with a problem to do? Invent a solution, of course!  Bulti-Bag Pods are made from soft yet durable lightweight plastic pouch with a center zipper for easy dispensing. Not only do they retain moisture in wet wipes, they can also keep items dry.

wipes on the go invented by mom

Carrying an extra stash of wipes in her diaper bag, the Bulti-Bag Co Pods are a wipe travel case that won’t dry out. Invented by a mom on the go, Pods can not only keep moisture in, but they can keep other items dry.

 Babee Covee reversible 6-in-1 baby blanket

On her way to a play date juggling a two year old and a newborn in the car seat carrier, Alma’s blanket blew away in the rain. Frustrated, she ran to her friend’s front door and turned that play date into a business venture. Babee Covee is a versatile baby blanket and cover that can be used as 1) car seat “tent” cover 2) stroller cover/blanket 3) shopping cart cover 4) high chair cover 5) nursing cover and 6) playtime blanket.  Leave it to mom to cover all your blanket needs with one solution.

6 in 1 blanket invented by mom

On her way to a play date, the blanket protecting her baby in the carrier blew away. As a result, that play date became a mom invented 6-in-1 reversible baby blanket.

Which of these mom invented products are you most inspired by?

Guest post provided by the Bobee Baby Buzz.