Painting a Nursery Accent Wall with Lullaby Paints

Painting a nursery accent wall

I learned about Lullaby Paints from BabyList, so I thought it would be fun to share how I used Lullaby Paints in my baby’s nursery to the BabyList readers! What I love most about Lullaby Paints is that they are so safe they include food grade ingredients. They use rich, deep pigments and meet the highest environmental and safety standards. And because their resins are not diluted with cheap solvents, they’re thicker and cover your walls with ease. Not only are they the safest paints around, but they are durable, cover well, and come in the prettiest colors.

Because our Los Angeles home is a rental we didn’t want to paint the entire room. So we decided a good compromise would be doing a colorful accent wall – it gave me the pop of color I wanted without us having to repaint the whole room when we move someday. So 3 of the walls are the original creamy white shade and the accent wall was painted with Lullaby Paints paint in a sea glass color.

Painting Your Nursery With Lullaby Paints | Chandra Fredrick of Oh Lovely Day for BabyList

Painting Your Nursery With Lullaby Paints | Chandra Fredrick of Oh Lovely Day for BabyList

Painting Your Nursery With Lullaby Paints | Chandra Fredrick of Oh Lovely Day for BabyList

I wanted the perfect shade of sea glass to match Calvin’s nautical California-inspired nursery, so Lullaby Paints matched the shade I wanted perfectly with their color match option. The lighter shade complimented the indigo and bright yellow perfectly and really provides a soothing environment for the baby (and me!)

Painting Your Nursery With Lullaby Paints | Chandra Fredrick of Oh Lovely Day for BabyList

If you want to see all of the possibilities for your nursery, check out Lullaby Paints Pinterest page, where they have a large collection of nurseries that have used their paints. The colors, combos, patterns, and accent wall possibilites are endless. It just shows you that you don’t have to compromise your style to use safe paint. Safety first, of course, but why stop there when you don’t have to? Calvin’s nursery is my favorite room in our home now.

You can see more of Calvin’s nursery on my blog as well. All photos are by Jennifer Roper.

Second Baby Registry Ideas

baby #2 registry itemsSome people think you should only register for your first baby, but I think it is ok to have a registry for second baby (or subsequent) as long as you aren’t asking for a bunch of new stuff that you already got the first time around. Many people will want to get you gifts, and each baby deserves to be celebrated regardless of birth order, so you might as well register for some things you need, could use, or maybe didn’t have the first time around. Here are 6 of my picks (from my Babylist registry for baby boy #2, due in a couple of months!) that I think every second baby registry needs.

  1. Baby Brezza Formula Pro: As someone who has already done late night feedings and breastfed but had to supplement with formula, this seems like a game-changer, especially for middle-of-the-night feedings. There’s no mixing, measuring, or mess and the bottle is the perfect temperature every time. I need this in a major way.
  2. ERGObaby 360 (or a baby carrier if you didn’t have one the first time around): If you didn’t have a baby carrier with baby #1, getting one is essential with baby #2. I’ve been told (from my mom friends who already have 2 kids) that you often wear your second while running around with the older sibling. I did wear my first baby, but am really eager to get my hands on one of the new ERGObaby 360 carriers that allow baby to face out, as well as their traditional other 3 positions.
  3. Baby monitor with TWO cameras: If your first baby is still young enough to require a monitor, registering for a video monitor with two cameras is key. I didn’t even have a video monitor with my first – it was one of those things that I thought was extravagant and totally unnecessary…until I actually had a baby and realized it would be very helpful to see if he was crying because his foot was stuck in his crib rail or he just wanted my company. So I learned my lesson and am hoping for a video monitor with two cameras, since we still use a monitor with our first son.
  4. Bath products and gift sets: Chances are you don’t have any baby bath products left from the first time around. I used and loved Mustela products with my first baby and was recently introduced to products from Zoe Organics (I’m really intrigued by the baby bath tea) so I included sets of both on my own registry.
  5. Milestone cards: If you did milestone photos of baby #1, then you know what a fun process it was to document baby’s first year. And if you didn’t, you should do it with your second baby. Either way, a set of milestone cards or stickers for baby #2 reminds (or forces) you to remember to document them. It might not be as much as you documented your first baby, but at least you’ll have a record of their growth and progress too.
  6. Double Stroller and/or Piggyback board for big sibling: Depending on how old your first child is, you’re going to need a way to transport both kiddos at the same time. My first son is three and a half, so I definitely want the Uppababy piggyback board to add to our Uppababy Vista for strolling around the neighborhood. But I’m still on the fence about whether or not we need a full-on double stroller. There are just times when you need both kids to be restrained and seated safely, and for that reason (and after A LOT of double stroller research) I put this double stroller on our registry as well.

And of course, lots of diapers, wipes, and consumable products are always good – but those are less fun to talk about.

What are your must-haves for baby #2? Am I missing anything from my registry for my second baby?

Maternity Wardrobe Summer Clothing Staples

maternity clothing for summer

As a pregnant lady myself, I know what a challenge the summer months can be. It’s already getting really hot in Los Angeles, so wardrobe choices have been tricky. So I thought I would share some summer wardrobe staples to get you through the hotter months in style and comfort.

Dress Options:

  1. I’m most coveting this Errands dress from HATCH – it is breezy, cool, comfortable, and not too short (which is so key for me during pregnancy).
  2. I have and have already been wearing this tank maxi dress from Old Navy. It is flattering, comfortable, and surprisingly cool. And my bump looks cute in it! Plus, it’s way affordable.
  3. I love the simple style and vibrant color of this dress from Fourth Love. It would be great dressed up or down.

Non-Maternity Options That Fit Your Bump:

  1. My new favorite discovery during my pregnancy has been Saint Grace Apparel. The foldover pants and maxi skirts are so comfortable on a growing bump (even a big one) and you can keep wearing your favorites long after your pregnancy is done.
  2. An old favorite that has worked great during my pregnancy is this pleated maxi dress. I had it in a couple of colors already and wore it belted before my pregnancy. I’ve since bought in a couple more and wear it unbelted now. It was a running joke on a recent trip that every night I wore the same dress in a different color, because I did! But I have gotten so many compliments every time I wear this dress. And it’s another item that you can keep wearing after baby because it isn’t actually maternity.

The Basics:

  1. I like this cute chambray skirt because it isn’t too tight or too short, and goes with everything. It’s a great alternative to shorts, which I find uncomfortable during pregnancy.
  2. The exception to my own ban on shorts during pregnancy (for me personally) are longer rolled denim ones. They are loose, casual, and super cute. These from J.Crew are my favorites.
  3. A major staple to any summer maternity wardrobe is a good tank. These from H&M are cute, comfy, fit well, and hold up to repeated wears. And they are affordable enough to buy in several colors.

Pool & Beach Pieces:

  1. Cute maternity swim suits can be hard to find. If you’re comfortable letting your bump show, I like buying a non-maternity bikini top in a larger size and pair it with a pair of matching solid color maternity bottoms. I’m also really loving this maternity one piece swimsuit, which comes in a couple of patterns like the bandana blue or black and white chevron.
  2. A pair of lightweight shorts are a must (for better or worse) when you’re pregnant in the summer. These black maternity dolphin shorts are cute over a swimsuit or paired with a tank or tunic.

The Accessories:

  1. A cute pair of summer sandals or two (or five!) always make a pregnant lady’s outfit better. And this is one area of your body that probably hasn’t changed much in size, so the shopping is more fun! I really love these cute patterned sandals from Anthropologie (and own the pink pair).
  2. A cute summer hat is an absolute must to protect your skin from the sun and pregnancy melasma. I love this cute casual straw fedora from Gap.

What are your favorite summer maternity wardrobe staples?

Baby Sprinkle! Shower Party Planning Ideas for Baby 2 or 3

Baby Sprinkle Inspiration | Chandra Fredrick for Babylist

We all know what a baby shower is all about, but have you heard of a baby sprinkle? A sprinkle is a smaller version of a shower, thrown to honor someone pregnant with her second (or sometimes third) baby. Since the mom probably already has most of the things you need for baby, the idea behind the sprinkle celebrate the newest pregnancy and to give things that need replenished (like diapers or bath supplies) or more personalized gifts for that baby. Here are some ideas for throwing a baby sprinkle:

  1. Get personal: If you know the gender and/or name of the baby, get him or her something personalized or monogrammed, or a cute blanket or stuffed animal that is just theirs and wasn’t handed down from a sibling.
  2. Make it ‘sprinkle’ themed: sprinkles are basically just tiny confetti, and what is more fun and festive than confetti? Nothing! A sprinkle cake, sprinkle sweets, sprinkle-rimmed glasses, even sprinkles as favors – the possibilities for a sprinkle-themed shower are endless and so fun. Another fun idea? Rain sprinkles.
  3. Low key is just as fun: a ladies brunch (minus kiddos) is a nice way to host a sprinkle. Choose a spot the momma loves, bring your gifts, and bring some flowers for the table. You can even have favors at each place setting.
  4. Remember the siblings: Whether you bring a small gift for a sibling or include them in a game (like give your advice on how to be a good big brother or sister), including the older siblings in some way is always a sweet gesture.

get your personalized baby registry checklist

 Regardless of how you do it, the point of the sprinkle is to celebrate the momma and new baby-on-the-way. Because every baby deserves a celebration (and every pregnancy could use a little more fun, am I right?)

Have you ever had or thrown a baby sprinkle? What are your favorite baby sprinkle gifts or ideas?

{photo credits} sprinkle cake: Amy & Jordan Photography via Style Me Pretty / confetti balloons: Hostess with the Mostess / sprinkle-rimmed glasses: Hostess with the Mostess / sprinkle favors: 6th Street Design School / sprinkle sweets: Hostess with the Mostess

5 Lovely DIY Spring Baby Shower Ideas

Spring Baby Shower Inspiration | Chandra Fredrick for Babylist


Summer babies bring spring showers, and since spring is just around the corner I wanted to share some fun baby shower inspiration and DIY ideas for all of you throwing spring showers.

1. Make it rain with cute raindrop garland and similar “shower” details. The clouds on the straws are super cute too! (via Fiskars)

2. Blooms make the perfect favor at spring showers. (via Hostess with the Mostess)

3. Use rain boots as floral containers for your table centerpieces. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

4. Have an ‘in bloom’ theme with lots of pretty paper flower decor. (via Icing Designs)

5. Upside down parasols or colorful umbrellas make for unique and fun spring shower decor. (via Piccoli Elfi)

These would also all make for fun ideas for a ‘baby sprinkle’ too, don’t you think?