About BabyList

BabyList is the baby registry that lets you register for exactly what you want for your baby from the retailers of your choice - including your favorite local or independent shops (like Etsy).

I created BabyList when I was pregnant with my son and was trying to create my own baby registry. I knew exactly what I wanted - frozen meals, pet sitting for our German Shepard, an eco-friendly diaper service - and there just wasn’t an online registry that suited my needs.

Being a bit on the geeky side I decided to create a better online baby registry. BabyList launched just two weeks before my son was born. It was too late for me to use it, but I’m thrilled that so many people are finding it useful.

Our mission at BabyList is to make baby registries more personal and less overwhelming. If you’re ever feeling stuck and need help with your registry contact me personally by email natalie@babyli.st, or enter your ideas on our feedback forum.

We're working on helping with the next stage of gift-giving with Pinwheel.

Natalie Gordon,
CEO of BabyList (and New Mom)

The BabyList Team

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Natalie Gordon

Founder and CEO
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Brittany Murlas

Business Development
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Angela Wood

Happiness Hero
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Kitty Yeung

UI Designer
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Evan Marks

Senior Software Developer
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Mawiyah Johnson

Marketing Coordinator
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Alli Cernoch

Jr. Software Developer
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Scott Halcomb

Supply Chain & Operations Manager
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Jenny Cohn

Happiness Hero